An innovative package of measures to achieve concrete environmental and social objectives.


Through fermentation, concrete public objectives can be achieved at both local and national level. Fermentation is a versatile and innovative technology that can have a wide impact at different levels:

  • by reducing energy consumption while at the same time increasing food availability, sustainable growth will be promoted according to the goals set by "EUROPE 2020";
  • through widespread and coordinated application, food waste can be significantly and demonstrably reduced;
  • the combination of conservation and product quality enhancement can fill the gap between surplus production and actual inadequate processing technology.


Together, we will develop a customized concept step by step in order to expand your knowledge and optimize your work processes.

Analysis: We identify weak points with you and analyze possibilities for improvement.

Consulting: Based on our expertise and experience, we propose a range of concrete measures.

Transfer: Through competence training and knowledge transfer, you will be able to implement your goals sustainably.

Equipment: Thanks to our products, you can scale the benefits of fermentation quickly, safely and sustainably. We will be happy to advise you on conversion of existing equipment.

Financial aid: We also provide legal support in researching and applying for international projects in the area of food transition, safety and sustainability.


Our expertise and our offer:

  • We have more than 10 years of experience in adult and child teaching.
  • Courses can be held in German, French, English, Italian and Luxemburgish.
  • You can book single courses as well as series of events.
  • Modules can be adapted to your needs according to your interests (fermentation basics, foreign cultures, environmental aspects, food safety, etc...).
  • Our courses are interactive workshops and always consist of theory and practice.