Sustainability Fermentation as a new approach to a solution

The Problem: More Production = More Pollution

In the global effort to produce enough food for a growing world population, a vicious circle is forming: through increased production (associated with polluted groundwater, improperly treated animals on mass farms, the predictable limitation of ressources, etc.), the amount of food that spoils before it is consumed increases at the same time.

We produce food for the garbage!

The Approach: An efficient and sustainable model

One way out would be to focus on preserving food. However, conservation has so far meant that the industry has overcooked our fresh products and stuffed our food with (sometimes) harmful preservatives.
Instead, what would it be like if the surplus of food could be transformed into tasty and healthy stocks? And what if each of us could do it quickly and easily?

This is possible!

Our solution: the great comeback of fermentation

It has already been scientifically proven that fermentation, which people have used since time immemorial and in every corner of the globe, is the healthiest and safest way of preserving food.

The Microjungle products (and our know-how) combine innovation and tradition, offering new approaches of circular economy and environmental protection:

  • a significant and verifiable reduction in food waste;
  • a sustainable growth through an energy-saving food production and storage process;
  • an environmentally friendly increase in disponibility of rural and regional products by processing the surplus of production...

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