Development aid, NGO

Combat hunger: significantly and sustainably improve food availability and its quality.


According to the FAO, food losses in Africa and southern Asia exceed 40 percent after harvest because food is inadequately stored, packaged and preserved.

Fermentation is not only an easy conservation process that can effectively combat hunger on the spot, but also offers countless other health, economic and ecological benefits, including:

  • guaranteed food safety, by introducing and monitoring the correct application of best practices;
  • environmentally friendly food processing using only available resources;
  • easy implementation and integration in economic small and micro business units thanks to resource-independent process;
  • rural development through technology transfer and job creation;
  • increased nutritional value by preserving vitamins and enriching healthy microflora.


Jointly, we will develop a customized concept step by step in order to expand your knowledge and optimize your capacities.

Analysis: We identify with you possible applications within existing projects and analyze new approaches.

Consulting: On the basis of our expertise and experience (also in development aid), we propose a concrete concept taking into account your project-related framework.

Transfer: Through competence training and knowledge transfer, we enable you and your employees to independently and sustainably implement fermentation concepts in development areas.

Equipment: We advise you flexibly and creatively on the adequate and safe equipping or conversion of existing capacities. Of course you can also fall back on our products.


Our expertise and our offer:

  • We have more than 10 years of experience in adult and child teaching.
  • Courses can be held in German, French, English, Italian and Luxemburgish.
  • You can book single courses as well as series of events.
  • Modules can be adapted to your needs according to your interests (fermentation basics, foreign cultures, environmental aspects, food safety, etc...).

Our courses are interactive workshops and always consist of theory and practice.