Innovation in the circular economy

Make our living environment healthier, more sustainable and social!

Our strategy focuses on the involvement of citizens

  • in the sustainable food production and
  • in the responsible consumption.

We want to support the transition to a sustainable and healthier food system and we provide our know-how in various projects.

Find out more and help us shape our current projects

Conserverie de Luxembourg Food preservation, training, awareness raising

Conserverie" offers a reproducible and "open source" model of the circular economy, in which process innovation (and fermentation) not only rescues surplus of food destined for further waste production, but can also return it to the food cycle with an improved nutritional value and an extended shelf life.
Upgrading through fermentation has a positive impact on health, as it helps to compensate for the "poor" nutrition caused by the consumption of industrially produced convenience food.
The "Conserverie" aims to connect producers, traders and consumers to better respond to the new challenges of the food market and to offer real growth opportunities for the local food production in Luxembourg.

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Quartier Stuff Kiem Austausch und soziale Aktivitäten rund um den verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit Ressourcen

The "Fonds Kirchberg" provides the residents of the Kiem neighbourhood (city of Luxembourg), regardless of age or nationality, with a collaborative and sociable place where it is possible to become actors of the neighbourhood. This is the challenge of Quartier Stuff!

The aim is to put proximity, exchange and citizen participation at the forefront.

We are there, contributing to achieving these goals, with a focus on sustainable activities such as organising actions against food waste, workshops on food preservation and on local, healthy and sustainable food.
Join us: it's fun!
The Quartier Stuff is located at the intersection of bd Konrad Adenauer and rue Simone de Beauvoir, Kirchberg, Luxembourg.
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