Care and Health

Natural composition of a stable and efficient microflora for the prevention and treatment of various pathologies.


More than just a healthy meal: Give your patients effective protection against aging processes and disease-related immune deficiency during their daily meals. Recent research has shown that regular consumption of fermented food has a positive effect on the general health. In addition, through fermentation

  • naturally occurring toxins and incompatible substances in food are degraded;
  • the digestibility and bioavailability of vitamins and minerals in food increases;
  • the antioxidant activities of our cells increases;
  • pathogens, even multi-resistant germs, are inhibited.


Together, we will develop a safe and targeted concept step by step to add and differentiate a selection of fermented food to your offer.

Analysis: We identify the appropriate implementation steps with you and analyse possible applications.

Consulting: Based on our expertise and experience, we propose a range of concrete applications.

Transfer: Through competence training and knowledge transfer, you will be able to implement your goals sustainably.

Equipment: Thanks to our products, you can ferment quickly, safely and sustainably. We will be happy to advise you on adapt existing equipment.

Financial aid: We also provide legal support in researching and applying for subsidies in the area of food safety and sustainability.


Our expertise and our offer:

  • We have more than 10 years of experience in adult and child teaching.
  • Courses can be held in German, French, English, Italian and Luxemburgish.
  • You can book single courses as well as series of events.
  • Modules can be adapted to your needs according to your interests (fermentation basics, foreign cultures, environmental aspects, food safety, etc...).

Our courses are interactive workshops and always consist of theory and practice.