Best Pizza - easy digestible and crunchy
easy Quick 12 hours 1 month without No Traditional Italy vegetarian, vegan, mediterranean, lactose-free, kids, sulfite-free, diabetes
650 gramm
900 gramm
Flour 11-12% Proteins
20 gramm
Baking yeast fresh
20 gramm
100 gramm
Tomato sauce
300 gramm
Mozzarella cheese
Mix the ingredients
The water must have a temperature of 35° Celsius. As an alternative to fresh yeast, you can use 8g of dehydrated yeast.
Water, Baking yeast
Add the flour

Add the salt

Mix with a spoon

Let ferment
2 hours at room temperature

Preserve in the fridge
leave the dough in the fridge for at least 12 hours

Form a ball
about 250 g per pizza

Let ferment
30 minutes up to two hours at room temperature

Roll out the dough, season with tomato and mozzarella
Bake in the oven at maximum temperature (300° C) until crispy