Microtarians Label Recognise probiotic quality and valuable micronutrients at a glance

Microtarians food: rich in nutrients and vital substances as well as good microorganisms!

The microtarians' label provides orientation with regard to the quality of a fermented product.

With bronze, silver and gold, we certify not only the probiotic value, but also the nutrient profile, the bioactive components and the functional properties (fibre, minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, fatty acids) of the product.

Furthermore, we are convinced that a food hedgehog of the advanced 21st century must also take into account criteria of sustainability in production.

Only products that meet the "Gold Standard" in terms of both nutritional content and production technology can receive the highest form of award.

In detail, we apply the following criteria as follows:

Nutritional profile


The product contains living microorganisms that have a beneficial effect on health.


Thanks to fermentation, the product offers improved bioavailability of polysaccharides (amylases), proteins (proteases), free fatty acids (lipases) and minerals.

Rich in vitamins

Natural vitamins are preserved and/or new ones are produced through bacterial activity.

Easier to digest

In the manufacturing process of the product, microorganisms are used to break down the cell walls and the indigestible coatings of the raw materials, both physically and chemically. This makes bound nutrients accessible to the human digestive system.


Dietary fibre is transported intact into the colon and provides substrates for colon bacteria. Among other things, these are important for the production of butyric acid and presumably contribute to protection against colon cancer (anti-cancer diets).


Natural phenolic compounds (antioxidants) often occur in a less bioactive form. They are transformed by the microbiota present during fermentation and thus become absorbable by the body.


Local food

The product contributes to the development of the local economy. CO2-intensive transport is avoided.

Change habit

The product contributes to a change in dietary habits towards a food with better nutritional value (e.g. reduced calories/ sugar content or increased fibre content, if compared to similar products).


The product has suitable sustainable food packaging that does not release toxic substances.


The product is obtained through established and safe food revalorisation systems.

Organic farming

The product ingredients are largely from organic cultivation.


The product contains no artificial flavours, harmful colourings or preservatives.

A unique label for your products!

We test and certify fermented products according to the voluntary standards described above.

The Microtarians label has a high recognition value and stands for quality, safety and a sustainable lifestyle among consumers!

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