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Fermentation is a universal tradition that goes back thousands of years. However, research in recent decades has largely unlocked the secrets of this biological process.

Our mission is to combine tradition and science to improve the process and adapt it to everyday life, making it suitable for the needs of the 21st century.

Through the transfer of this innovative know-how and by means of a broadly based training programme, we make it possible not only for professionals, but also for everyone, to

  • preserve and upcycle food,
  • eat healthily and sustainably,
  • fight effectively against food waste ... and
  • contribute to preserve local natural resources.

"We generate cultural capital to share and pass on"

The fundamental feature of our courses is the high pedagogical standard in teaching: the learner is always at the centre and experiences the fascination of fermentation with all senses, in a methodically varied, interactive and always praxis-oriented way.

We organize standard and group-specific courses and - for maximum flexibility and a wider impact - we have set up the e-Academy - a professional e-learning platform with online courses.

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Ecosystem "human being"

Living with microorganisms as little helpers!

It is well known that microorganisms not only inhabit every corner of the planet (earth, oceans, air), but also live happily in symbiosis with the human organism.

The tendency to use the same comb for all microorganisms and to fight them indiscriminately as "evil" is long outdated. In fact, not even a hundred species of bacteria cause infectious diseases in humans, whereas countless are useful and irreplaceable for our health and environment.

Become a microtarian - enter the fantastic microworld!

As a microtarian you learn to know these forces of nature and to use them for your benefit.

Our commitment

Efficiently convert surplus food into delicious and healthy supplies

We want to support the transition to a sustainable and healthier food system and provide our know-how with the aim of creating the first social "conserverie" in Luxembourg.

We also assist local groups that promote an ecological,conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Want to learn more about and get involved in these and other circular economy projects?

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Against food waste: process local products together directly on site!

Microtarians' Diet

Inclusive nutrition with a focus on vitality and micronutrients

Aiming at a healthy lifestyle, many people make the mistake of focusing on certain nutrients and leaving out others (low carbs, fat-free, sugar-free, etc.). However, it is now scientifically well established that such non-medically prescribed exclusion diets cause dysbiosis (imbalance) of the microorganisms in our gut. Stress and medication can also have this effect, with disastrous consequences for our health.

Various institutions, including the FAO, are trying to raise awareness of the fact that dysbiosis has long been a global problem with uncontrolled negative effects on society as a whole. In the case of nutritional problems, the focus is shifting away from malnutrition and towards incorrect and poor nutrition, and the associated problems such as micronutrient deficiencies, allergies, diabetes, obesity...

This is where the Microtarians diet comes in!

This does not work exclusively, but inclusively: it does not prohibit the consumption of certain foods, but compensates for their possibly negative effects through the daily addition of fermented food. This is rich in pre- and probiotics as well as fibre and vitamins, thus having a positive effect on our health and relieving our immune system. This implies that:

  • the immune system is more powerful against viruses and pathogens;
  • the digestion and the absorption of micronutrients are facilitated;
  • excess fat is eliminated from the body, which enables fast and uncomplicated weight loss;
  • susceptibility to allergies is reduced;
  • inflammation and irritation caused, for example, by irritable bowel syndrome are relieved;
  • diseases related to modern lifestyle (obesity, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, neurovegetative diseases) are prevented.

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